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Fight discrimination against palm oil’

 Following a meeting between the leaders of the two nations, Indonesia and Malaysia, the two largest producers of palm oil in the world, decided to cooperate to combat "discrimination" against the product on Monday.

Following a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who was on his first international tour since being elected in November, Indonesian President Joko Widodo made the remarks.

In order to resolve concerns, Widodo declared that the two nations would "combat prejudice against palm oil" and "strengthen collaboration through the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries." 

Because of their alleged connections to deforestation, palm oil-based fuels will gradually be phased out by the European Union by 2030.

Anwar and Jokowi signed eight memorandums of understanding during their bilateral meeting, which they said they hoped would increase cross-border trade and investment. The agreements covered shipping, green energy, the development of the battery industry, and export-import financing.

The leaders also talked about Nusantara, which is Indonesia's proposed new capital.

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